Elevator Rescue Training

Company 1 members are always training, many times giving up part of their weekends to complete advanced training. This weekend company 1 members took part in an elevator rescue class where firefighters learned how to safely remove passengers from a disabled elevator. In the picture below, Firefighter Myhr practiced securing a disabled elevator.

35 Pints Donated

Thanks to the community 35 pints were donated at this year’s blood drive. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s drive on October 6th 2019

Drill Night: Vehicle Fire

For tonight’s drill Fire Company 1 went to the Bergen fire Academy to practice our skills with fighting a vehicle fire. This vehicle was one of the department’s old and out of service support vehicles, since this was a real vehicle and not a prop, we were able to simulate a situation that we may encounter. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 7:30 or email us at

Training With K-9 Search Teams

Today members from Rescue 1’s dive team trained with K-9 search teams from Eagle Valley Search Dogs and also Ringwood’s dive team. These dogs and their handlers are trained to search for missing and deceased people on both land and also in water. Rescue 1’s divers waited underwater while the dogs searched for them from the boats above. Think you would like to join us? Stop by our firehouse (Miller Road and Franklin Turnpike) Wednesday nights at 730 or email us at Click here for Eagle Valley Search Dogs Click here for Ringwood Underwater Search & Recovery

Hurricane Irene

On this day in 2011 the Mahwah Fire Department put in a solid 24 straight hours making numerous rescues from the historic flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. While property damages were significant our efforts assured no lives were lost that day. It also marked the birth of the Mahwah Elves as residents organized to help their neighbors.

Drill Night: Torches

This past Wednesday at our weekly drill Company 1 members learned to use the oxy-acetylene and exothermic torches that are on our rescue truck. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 7:30pm or you can email us at

Drill Night: Vehicle Extrication

Last night at our weekly drill Company 1 members went to the fire academy to practice their extrication skills. In addition to using the jaws of life, members also spent time learning to use other tools such as grinders and air tools. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 7:30pm or you can email us at

Plane Crash Drill And Helping The Boy Scouts

This morning members of Rescue 1’s Dive Team joined departments from around Rockland County NY for a simulated plane crash on the Hudson River. Rescue 1’s divers worked to recover victims from the plane that had ‘crashed’ into the Hudson by the Piermont Pier. While this was going on Rockland County firefighters extinguished a fire and EMS tended to other victims from the crash. After the drill Rescue 1 helped the Boy Scouts place an artificial island into Winter’s Pond.

Drill Night: Fire Academy

For tonight’s drill Mahwah Fire went to the Bergen Fire Academy to practice our skills with fire attack, searching for victims, operating the fire trucks, and also many other skills and tactics we would use during a fire. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 7:30 or email us at

Mahwah Fire Department History: Fire Comm

FIRE COMM circa 1961…..Caption: Wallace W. Finch, assistant chief of the Mahwah Fire Department points to where the site of a fire could be in the township on the new fire location board now in operation at the firehouse on Miller Road. Watching the assistant chief check out the new system are Donald Vilmar, captain of Fire Company No. 1, left, and Norman C. Rew, a member of the Glen Rock Fire Department. Another identical location board has been installed by Finch and Rew, who built the one in Glen Rock, at the firehouse on Island Road in the township. OCT 18 1961

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