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Double Rescue at Ramapo Reservation

This afternoon Mahwah Rescue along with Fire Company 2, Mahwah EMS, and the Bergen County Sheriff responded to the upper lake of the Ramapo Reservation for an injured hiker. After reaching the patient and assessing their injuries Mahwah Rescue deployed a small boat to reach the hiker. The hiker was then transported across the lake to EMS, who then brought them to an area hospital. While this was happening a park visitor alerted firefighters to a second injured hiker in another part of the park. After reaching them and assessing their injuries Mahwah Rescue set up a rope system to bring them safely down a very steep trail. After reaching the bottom of the trail the hiker was transported by Mahwah EMS to area hospital.

Condo Fire

This evening Mahwah Firefighters and also additional firefighters from the neighboring towns responded to a fire at a condo complex in the Fardale section of town. Firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze and overhaul the area.

Anderson Drive Fire

This afternoon all 5 of Mahwah’s Fire Companies responded to Anderson Drive for a house fire. Firefighters worked quickly extinguish the fire and then overhaul the affected area.

Smoke Condition

This afternoon fire Companies 1, 2, and 3 responded to Margaret Court for a smoke condition inside of a home. After investigating firefighters found that the smoke was coming from an attached neighboring home, who had an oven fire but was able to extinguish it.

MacArthur Boulevard Smoke Condition

At around 1130 this morning Mahwah Firefighters along with the Ramsey Fire Dept. responded to MacArthur Boulevard for a smoke condition. After entering the building Mahwah Firefighters were met with a considerable smoke condition and began their search for the cause. Firefighters found that smoke was coming from a battery back up system that had malfunctioned. After securing the power to that system firefighters worked to remove the smoke from the building before returning to quarters.

Throwback Thursday: Helicopter Firefighting

Remember when we had to call a helicopter to fight a fire? in April of 2017 Mahwah Firefighters were joined by our colleagues from Ramsey, Hillburn, and the NJ State Forest Fire Service while we battled a large fire at the Ramapo Reservation. Firefighters worked on the ground to contain the fire, eventually calling in the State Forest Fire Service who would bring specially trained Firefighters and equipment to fight this kind of fire. The video below shows some of this specialized equipment, in this case a helicopter.

Corporate Drive Fire Alarm

Earlier today fire companies 1 and 2 responded to Corporate Drive for a fire alarm. After investigating it was determined that the alarm was cooking related. Fire companies 1 and 2 vented the smoke from the area before returning to quarters.

Drill Night: CPR

For tonight’s drill Mahwah Fire practiced their CPR skills. In the below picture firefighters learned how to preform CPR on a firefighter who is wearing full gear and an SCBA. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 7:30 or email us at

Drill Night: Vehicle Extrication

At tonight’s drill Company 1 members got to work with our new Hurst eDraulic tools. This drill gave members the opportunity to practice using the new tools as well as practice different extrication methods. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 730 or email us at