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Fire Alarm and Structure Collapse

Early Saturday morning, firefighters from Company 1 were dispatched to an activated fire alarm at a business on Franklin Turnpike. This business was also the site of a large multi-alarm fire the previous year and has been undergoing construction ever since. After arriving on scene and making entry, firefighters discovered that a rear portion of the structure had collapsed, taking a section of sprinkler riser with it (which caused the alarm). Firefighters secured the sprinkler system and utilities to prevent further damage while the proper inspectors were requested to the scene. Though no obvious cause for collapse could be immediately identified, it was likely that the sustained high winds that night may have played a role. Thankfully, there were no injuries as the business had already been closed for several hours and no one was inside.

Mutual aid to Suffern

Today, Mahwah fire companies 1, 2, and 3 were dispatched to Suffern, NY, to assist them at a large house fire. Companies 1 and 2 were immediately put to work on arrival, as the dwelling conditions made progress slow and difficult. The fire took over five hours to bring under control, during which firefighters dealt with freezing weather and blowing snow. Images may not be used by any media outlet without prior permission from Mahwah Fire Rescue Co #1.

Overturned Forklift

This morning Rescue 1 along with Fire Company 2, EMS, and Mahwah PD responded to Franklin Turnpike for an overturned forklift. After arriving on scene firefighters stabilized the forklift while EMS treated and removed the injured operator.

Drill Night: Ropes and Knots

For tonight’s drill, which happened to be the last one of the year, firefighters practiced their skills with ropes. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 7:30pm or email us at

Escorting Santa

Today firefighters from Company 1 escorted Santa around our section of town. Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic we were not able to stop and take pictures with our friends but we were able to drive by and see our friends and supporters. Mahwah you rocked the holiday spirit the past two weeks and we are happy to be a part of it.

Santa Is Coming To Town Sunday

Mahwah Fire Co. 1 has scheduled our Annual Santa detail for this Sunday, December 13th starting at 9AM. Santa will be brought throughout our zone which includes Cragmere, Franklin Heights, Franklin Crossing, and the area of Franklin Turnpike between Suffern and Ramsey. Unfortunately this year there will not be any stopping to sit on Santa’s lap. It is also asked that when waiting on the streets for Santa that families do not congregate around people not in their household and please wear your masks.

Sunday Extrication Drill

Today the firefighters of Rescue Co.1 trained on our Griphoist and Tuflex Roundslings. These tools will greatly increase our capabilities to raise, lower, and stabilize heavy loads; specifically vehicles in awkward positions. Today’s focus was a basic understanding of the tools, and performing a controlled roll of a vehicle on its side. In addition to training on the new tools, firefighters also learned to perform a new extrication technique, “cracking the egg”. This technique gives us another way to safely remove a patience from an overturned car. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights or email us

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