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Residing at 100 Miller Rd., Mahwah, NJ, Co No. 1 has proudly served the residents of Mahwah NJ with professionalism, dedication and above all, a domineering volunteer spirit since 1914.

Today, Co No. 1, has 6 pieces of emergency apparatus and the members of Company No. 1 specialize in the area of technical rescue which includes calls such as building and trench collapse, elevator rescues,  motor vehicle accidents, and confined space emergencies. Co No. 1 allows provides water rescue capabilities in the form of our Swift Water and Dive Rescue teams. Co No. 1’s Dive Rescue team is a leading dive team in northern NJ and is a member of the NJ Regional SCUBA Task Force.

We currently house two class A pumpers, two heavy rescue trucks, a rescue support pickup, collapse and confined space trailers and three boats, to include the only fanboat in the tri-state area.

Department Chief Officers – 2022

Cord Meyer

Department Chief – 130

Christopher Stricker

First Assistant Chief – 140

Thomas Loreto

Second Assistant Chief – 150

Company Officers

Christopher Rupert

Battalion 1 Chief

Steven Ruit

Fire Captain – 171

Matthew Myhr

Fire Lieutenant – 161

James Warnet

Fire Lieutenant – 151

Eric Moritz

Rescue Captain – 190

Joshua Chase

Rescue Lieutenant – 191

Timothy Andro

Dive Team Coordinator – 192

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Recent Posts

Tower Ladder Operations

For tonight’s drill, Co1 Firefighters practiced their skills drafting and pumping to a tower ladder. This is a difficult task because of the higher pressure required to push the water up the aerial, and in the case of Ramsey’s Tower 441, there was no onboard pump to assist. While our pump operators were practicing this other firefighter learned how to use and operate the ladder.  Thank you to our colleagues at Ramsey FD who allowed us to use their tower ladder and also Fire Co3 who assisted in the operation. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 730 or emails us info@mfdco1.org

Bicycle Impalement

On Friday evening, rescue was requested to assist EMS with a juvenile who had accidentally been impaled by the brake handle of her bicycle during a fall. After stabilizing the patient and bike to minimize movement, firefighters carefully disassembled sections of the bike before delicately cutting the section of handle still impaled. After the bulk of the bike was removed, the child was turned over to EMS for transport to the hospital, where the final impaled piece would be removed by surgeons.

January 2022 Calls For Service

This January, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Company 1 firefighters responded to 47 calls for service. ANIMAL RESCUE – 1CO ALARM – 5DISPATCHED STRUCTURE FIRE – 4EMS ASSIST – 5ELECTRICAL FIRE – 1ELEVATOR RESCUE – 1 EXTRICATION – 3FIRE ALARM – 19FIRE ASSIST – 3GAS – 3HAZMAT – 1M/A FIRE – 1 As always, the volunteer firefighters of Company 1 are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week

2021 Calls For Service

This year despite the COVID Pandemic, the volunteer Firefighters of Company 1 responded to 409 calls for service. BRUSH FIRE – 4BURNING SMELL – 4BURNING WIRES – 2CHIMNEY FIRE – 1CO ALARM – 13DISPATCHED STRUCTURE FIRE – 28DIVE TEAM – 8DOWN WIRES – 6EMS ASSIST – 40ELECTRICAL FIRE – 1ELEVATOR RESCUE – 7EXTRICATION – 13FIRE ALARM – 177FIRE ASSIST – 1 FLUID SPILL – 3GAS – 45HAZMAT – 2M/A FIRE – 8M/A FANBOAT – 2OVEN FIRE – 3PD ASSIST – 1RUN AWAY BOILER – 4SMOKE CONDITION – 11SMELL OF SMOKE – 8TECHNICAL RESCUE – 1WATER RESCUE – 3WORKING FIRE – 2VEHICLE FIRE – 11 As always, the volunteer firefighters of Company 1 are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Rescue at the Reservation

This afternoon Mahwah Rescue was called to the Ramapo Reservation to help with an injured hiker. The hiker had slipped on an icy and muddy trail and injured their ankle. Co1 firefighters used a rope system to lower the hiker down the trail and then carried them over a stream to waiting vehicles. Co1 firefighters were joined by firefighters from Co2, Mahwah EMS, Bergen Sheriff, and Mahwah Police.
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