Playground Entrapment

Children are inquisitive beings… Sticking their limbs in all sorts of places. Sometimes, those limbs get stuck. Earlier today, firefighters from Rescue Co 1 and Co 4, along with Mahwah EMS and Police responded to just such a call when a small child got her leg stuck in the railings of a wooden jungle gym. After EMS assessed the patient, firefighters from Rescue 1 examined the trapped limb and determined how to free it. In this case, the tool of choice was a hydraulic Hurst spreader more commonly used to rescue victims trapped in cars after severe accidents. In short order, the girl’s leg was freed and she was safely turned over to her mother and school staff. Her reward for being so brave? Seeing the fire trucks and honking the air horns.

May 2023 Calls For Service

This May Company 1 firefighters responded to 33 calls for service. As always, the volunteer firefighters of Company 1 are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Helping the Scouts

Co1 firefighters are always willing to help our community, and today was no exception when Co1 Firefighters assisted Scout Troop 258 with placing an artificial island in Winters Park. The island will help reduce algae and pollution in the pond and will create a habitat for fish and other animals.

Upper Saddle River Fire

On Saturday, May 27th, at just after 8pm, Mahwah Fire Co’s 1, 2, and Air 3 were dispatched on the second alarm to Upper Saddle River for a working structure fire on Carlough Rd. Upon their arrival, the crew of Engine 117 was tasked with stretching a second handline to the second floor of the residence and meeting up with the initial attack crew from Upper Saddle River. While on the second floor, Co 1 firefighters made good use of their handline and knocked down the bulk of the fire spreading through second floor bedrooms and attic. Despite the fire being well-developed before any fire department units arrived, the quick aggressive action of all firefighters on scene prevented fire damage from the majority of the 4200 square foot residence. Co 1 firefighters operated on scene for roughly 3 hours before being released.

Drill Night: Saws

For drill this past Wednesday night (May 10, 2023), the Firefighters of Co 1 practiced our saw skills. As you can see, we have many choices for saws but each one has a specific purpose. This night, we used a grinder, portable bandsaw, battery demo saw, a forcible entry saw, and a Hurst “O” Cutter to cut rebar at different heights and positions. Firefighters learned how each one cuts and how to safely operate them in difficult positions. Remember don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong. Being proficient in our wide variety of tools gives us options at fires and emergencies. Every week the Firefighters of Co.1 drill on Wednesday nights to practice skills like this to make us the best we can be.


Check out the drawing of the new Heavy Rescue 1. Thank you to our Truck Committee who worked for over 2 years to research and develop a truck that will fit our needs for years to come. Some features are: Pierce Arrow XT Cab, Cummins X12 motor, Walk around body, 25kw generator, front and rear winches, Whelen emergency lighting, and Hi-Viz scene lighting. Thank you to the Township of Mahwah Mayor and Council for your continued support! As the Rescue Company for the Township, this rig will carry a large amount of tools for Firefighting and Rescue Operations to serve the residents of Mahwah and surrounding communities. We cannot wait for delivery!

Route 17 South Entrapment

This morning, Co1 Firefighters responded to Route 17 South for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Upon arrival, our team of highly trained firefighters found that the one passenger was entrapped inside, our team carefully removed the passenger side door which enabled them to exit. Following the extrication, both individuals were expertly treated by the competent medical staff from Mahwah EMS and then transported to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation and care. picture was taken after both individuals were transported off of the scene

Franklin Turnpike Entrapment

Earlier this evening, the Co1 Firefighters responded to a reported motor vehicle accident with entrapment on Franklin Turnpike. Thankfully, all occupants were able to exit the vehicles unaided by the fire department. Upon arrival of Rescue 1 & Rescue Engine 117, Firefighters promptly secured the batteries to both vehicles and quickly addressed the fluid spill to prevent any further harm. Concurrently, our partners from Mahwah EMS were diligently administering treatment to those in need and while Mahwah Police provided vital traffic control to ensure the safety of all present.

Congers Brush Fire

Rescue Engine 117 is standing by at Congers North Harrison Ave firehouse with Bedford Hillsfd NY (Westchester) Mini Attack 9 and New City Fire Department 9-79 while Congers FD and numerous other Rockland Firefighters operate at a large brush fire.

Easter Sunday Oven Fire

This afternoon Mahwah Fire received a call about a potential oven fire. Fire Co’s 1 & 2 responded to the scene and found that lucky the fire had been contained to the oven and self extinguished As a precautionary measure, we removed the oven from the residence and inspected the surrounding areas to ensure that there was no lingering danger. We also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to check their smoke detectors regularly and to have a fire extinguisher readily available in case of emergency. Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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