2023 Calls For Service

2023 is in the books and the Volunteer firefighters of Rescue Co.1 responded to 479 calls for service within the Township and also Mutual Aid to the surrounding area. Since our inception in 1914, this was a record setting year for responses out of Co.1 These calls not only represent each time we answered a call for service but also the countless hours our volunteers spent away from their families and nights of sleep lost. Additionally, not included in this tally is the hundreds of hours our members spent training to provide a high level of service each time we are dispatched.

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Live Burn At The Academy

This morning, Co.1 firefighters along with our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue, Ramsey Fire, and Allendale Fire participated in live burn training at the Bergen Fire Academy. Taking time to train with our Mutual Aid partners allows us to work more efficiently on the fireground at large scale operations. We would like to thank our dedicated members, our partners from our Mutual Aid, and the academy instructors who gave up their Saturday morning to take part in the invaluable training. We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with these departments and days like today help strengthen those bonds.

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Busy Start To The Weekend

Yesterday was a busy day for the Volunteer Firefighters of Company 1. Our day started at around 245 in the morning with a smell of smoke in a residence. Later in the morning after the heavy rain had started Co.1 was requested into Rockland County for a water rescue, with a report of multiple people trapped. Arriving Rockland units confirmed no one was trapped and we were stood down shortly after. Our volunteers continued to stay busy throughout the day with multiple fire alarms and ended that evening with a motor vehicle accident on Route 202. After securing the vehicle, the members of Rescue 1 helped EMS attend to the patient, before they were transported to an area hospital. After operations completed, our friends at The Ice Factory treated us to some ices, a much needed relief after such a long day and busy start to our weekend. We would like

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Photo Shoot

Earlier today, Fire Co.1 hosted CBS Fire Photography to get some professional photos of Engine 117, Marine 1, and an updated photo of Engine 115. Our Technical Rescue apparatus was not available as it was at a confined space class with several of our firefighters. The photos turned out great, and we look forward to having them back to photograph our entire fleet

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HUMMER EV Demo and Hose Drill

Last night (07-26-2023) at our weekly drill Co1 firefighters and our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue received a special demonstration and Q&A session with the all-new GMC HUMMER EV. This was a great way for us to learn about the car’s structure, design, and how to handle possible emergencies. Afterword’s Co1 firefighters and Ramsey Rescue Members worked together on their skills advancing hose lines. This was a great night of training for all involved

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Confined Space Training

This past weekend Co.1 and Co.3 firefighters along with our colleagues from the area and around the state took part in an extensive confined space operations class taught by Rescue Products International. Firefighters received hands on training in confined Space entry and rescue along with regulations, rigging and hauling systems, air monitoring, and site management. The class included live evolutions with entry teams who donned SABA (supplied air breathing apparatus) then packaged and rescued ‘Rescue Randy’ from inside a 15’ storm drain basin, and down a 24’ drainage pipe. RPI and our firefighters will return next month for part 2 of the class for more extensive evolutions and receive their technician certification.

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Mutual Aid and Garage Fire

Yesterday was a busy day for Co.1 Firefighters. At around 2pm Co.1 was requested into Ramsey for an Engine along with Co.2 FAST to assist Ramsey Fire dept. was operating at a working fire in a townhouse. Engine 117 responded and performed searches and overhaul before returning to the township. Later in the day just before 8pm, all 5 of Mahwah’s Fire companies were dispatched along with EMS to a structure fire on Sherwood Ave. Upon arrival crews were met with a fully involved detached garage that was in close proximity to the house. An aggressive attack prevented any extension into the home. Once the fire was knocked down, extensive overhaul was performed, and any remaining hot spots were wet down. We thank our mutual aid partners for their assistance.

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Drill Night: Patient Packaging & Ladders

For this week’s (06/14/2023) drill Co1 Firefighters focused on their patient packaging and evacuation skills. In one scenario, a firefighter took on the role of an injured patient who required rescue from a basement area. Firefighters practiced their techniques for safely bringing the patient up and down a narrow stairwell, ensuring they were well-prepared for such situations. Following the patient packaging and evacuation exercise, some of our younger firefighters also had the opportunity to work on their skills with ground ladders. This vital aspect of firefighting ensures that we can swiftly access different levels of buildings and provide assistance when needed.

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