Toasted Circuit Board and a Car Wash

Today (Sat, Sept. 9th), MFD Companies 1 and 4 were dispatched to the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute to investigate the strong odor of something burning in the classrooms.

After checking a few HVAC units on the roof, the odor was found to have come from a circuit board that inexplicably burned up.

While the actual nature of this call was not unique (these units do burn up occasionally, especially during heat waves), our firefighters were able to work hand-in-hand with some of the fire instructors that originally trained them as new firefighters.

After clearing from the fire academy, the Engine 117 officer determined the engine was simply too dirty to drive past a car wash fundraiser being held by the Ramapo College Dance Team.

So the engine was pulled in and the Dance Team went to work!

We have to hand it to the dancers as they did a fantastic job!

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