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Dive Drill: Tender & Contaminated Water

This weekend several new members of Co1’s Dive Team completed their Tender and also Contaminated Water training, both of which are essential training for all members of our dive team. With these certifications our new members can now help with most non-diving related tasks an also decontaminate the divers after their dive. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 730 or emails us at

Road Closure

This afternoon Fire Co’s 1 and 3 assisted the Township’s DPW with a road closure after a sudden and severe thunderstorm damaged a road and left it impassable.

Drill Night: Hitting The Hydrant

For tonight’s drill, Co1 Firefighters practiced their skills setting up a fire hydrant and connecting it to the fire engine or as we call it “hitting the hydrant”. This is a verry important skill that all firefighters need to be proficient at as this is the main way that we get our water for firefighting. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 730 or emails us at

Bicycle Impalement

On Friday evening, rescue was requested to assist EMS with a juvenile who had accidentally been impaled by the brake handle of her bicycle during a fall. After stabilizing the patient and bike to minimize movement, firefighters carefully disassembled sections of the bike before delicately cutting the section of handle still impaled. After the bulk of the bike was removed, the child was turned over to EMS for transport to the hospital, where the final impaled piece would be removed by surgeons.

Rescue at the Reservation

This afternoon Mahwah Rescue was called to the Ramapo Reservation to help with an injured hiker. The hiker had slipped on an icy and muddy trail and injured their ankle. Co1 firefighters used a rope system to lower the hiker down the trail and then carried them over a stream to waiting vehicles. Co1 firefighters were joined by firefighters from Co2, Mahwah EMS, Bergen Sheriff, and Mahwah Police.

Pearl River Standby

Fire Company 1 is currently standing by at Pearl River FD while they are operating at a large fire in a commercial building

Fuel Tanker Fire

Early this morning Fire Company 1 along with Mahwah Fire Companies 2, 3, 4, 5, EMS, mutual aid from the surrounding counties, and state responded to the 287 fly-over for an overturned fuel tanker. After arriving firefighters found the tanker was fully engulfed in fire and leaking fuel. Firefighters worked to extinguish the fire, while HAZMAT units mitigated to potential environmental impact, and forest fire units worked to extinguish fires in the woods behind the tanker.

Early Morning Fire Alarm

Early morning calls really aren’t fun for anyone, especially if you are at hotel. But at today’s 2am fire alarm we found some guest who were in good spirits. Luckily there were no serious issues, and it was just an inconvenience with good a story for our new friends.

Marine 1 responds to American Dream Mall

Today Company 1 firefighters responded with Marine 1 to the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford to assist with a fire that had occurred early this morning. After extinguishing a fire on the roof firefighters found that the ski slope was filled with smoke and had requested Marine 1 to assist with removing the smoke from the building.

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