Advanced Fire Attack Drill

For drill this past Wednesday night (May 3, 2023), the firefighters of Co 1 and Co 3 teamed up to practice more advanced nozzle techniques and rapid fire attack drills while getting our pump operators some time on the panel.

While most residential structure fires are managed with 1 or 2 medium attack lines, fire conditions occasionally require the deployment of large caliber 2 1/2″ lines. Even less frequently, the opportunity presents itself for the first arriving engine to make use of the engine-mounted deck gun.

Using either of those tools requires close (and rapid) coordination between the firefighters on the rig, with little room for errors. Everyone must know their job and be prepared to act quickly. It is an advanced technique that requires practice and repetition.

After training like Wednesday night, our firefighters are capable of delivering over 500 gallons of water per minute into a fire less than 30 seconds after the rig comes to a stop.

This just adds another tool to the toolbox of options our firefighters can reach for in protecting the residents of Mahwah.

Check out some of our recent drills…

Live Burn At The Academy

This morning, Co.1 firefighters along with our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue, Ramsey Fire, and Allendale Fire participated in live burn training at the Bergen Fire Academy. Taking time to train with our Mutual Aid partners allows us to work more efficiently on the fireground at large scale operations. We would like to thank our dedicated members, our partners from our Mutual Aid, and the academy instructors who gave up their Saturday morning to take part in the invaluable training. We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with these departments and days like today help strengthen those bonds.

HUMMER EV Demo and Hose Drill

Last night (07-26-2023) at our weekly drill Co1 firefighters and our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue received a special demonstration and Q&A session with the all-new GMC HUMMER EV. This was a great way for us to learn about the car’s structure, design, and how to handle possible emergencies. Afterword’s Co1 firefighters and Ramsey Rescue Members worked together on their skills advancing hose lines. This was a great night of training for all involved

Tower Ladder Operations

For tonight’s drill, Co1 Firefighters practiced their skills drafting and pumping to a tower ladder. This is a difficult task because of the higher pressure required to push the water up the aerial, and in the case of Ramsey’s Tower 441, there was no onboard pump to assist. While our pump operators were practicing this other firefighter learned how to use and operate the ladder.  Thank you to our colleagues at Ramsey FD who allowed us to use their tower ladder and also Fire Co3 who assisted in the operation. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 730 or emails us at

Drill Night: Hitting The Hydrant

For tonight’s drill, Co1 Firefighters practiced their skills setting up a fire hydrant and connecting it to the fire engine or as we call it “hitting the hydrant”. This is a verry important skill that all firefighters need to be proficient at as this is the main way that we get our water for firefighting. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights at 730 or emails us at

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