Drill Night: High Water Rescue Truck

Tonight for our weekly drill, the members of Rescue Co.1 drilled with the Mahwah Police Dept. to review our water rescue SOG’s and train on the PD’s high water vehicle. During floods in the Township, Co.1’s swift water team works with the Police Dept using both our Fan boat, swift water equipment, and their High Water Truck. Having a good working relationship ensures teamwork and a high level of service for our residents. We would like to thank the PD for coming across the parking lot for this training opportunity.

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Live Burn At The Academy

This morning, Co.1 firefighters along with our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue, Ramsey Fire, and Allendale Fire participated in live burn training at the Bergen Fire Academy. Taking time to train with our Mutual Aid partners allows us to work more efficiently on the fireground at large scale operations. We would like to thank our dedicated members, our partners from our Mutual Aid, and the academy instructors who gave up their Saturday morning to take part in the invaluable training. We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with these departments and days like today help strengthen those bonds.

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HUMMER EV Demo and Hose Drill

Last night (07-26-2023) at our weekly drill Co1 firefighters and our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue received a special demonstration and Q&A session with the all-new GMC HUMMER EV. This was a great way for us to learn about the car’s structure, design, and how to handle possible emergencies. Afterword’s Co1 firefighters and Ramsey Rescue Members worked together on their skills advancing hose lines. This was a great night of training for all involved

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Drill Night: Patient Packaging & Ladders

For this week’s (06/14/2023) drill Co1 Firefighters focused on their patient packaging and evacuation skills. In one scenario, a firefighter took on the role of an injured patient who required rescue from a basement area. Firefighters practiced their techniques for safely bringing the patient up and down a narrow stairwell, ensuring they were well-prepared for such situations. Following the patient packaging and evacuation exercise, some of our younger firefighters also had the opportunity to work on their skills with ground ladders. This vital aspect of firefighting ensures that we can swiftly access different levels of buildings and provide assistance when needed.

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