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Escorting Santa

We had a great time bringing Santa around the Cragmere section of town today. We look forward to seeing all of you again next year. Keep an eye out for our other events and feel free to share your pictures on our Instagram and Facebook. Click Here For Our Instgram Click Here For Our Facebook

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Co. 1 will be escorting Santa through Cragmere, Franklin Crossing, Franklin Heights and areas off of Franklin Tpk on Sunday December 15th (weather date December 22). We will also be escorting Santa to the town tree lighting on December 8th. You can check with the other Mahwah FD companies Facebook pages on their dates to escort Santa: Co 2 – Will be escorting Santa on Dec. 8th (West Mahwah, Ridge Rd, MacAurthur Blvd, Route 202 to Darlington Co 3 Will be escorting Santa on Dec. 7th (Masonicus, Paddington Square) Co 4 (Fardale, Rio Vista) Saturday December 14th

Busy Evening For Mahwah Fire

Mahwah Fire had a busy evening tonight which started with an MVA on Route 17. Mahwah Fire responded to Route 17 North for an MVA with an injured driver and after arriving on scene Firefighters found that the car had gone into a ravine next to a small creek. Firefighters worked quickly to secure the vehicle and remove the driver, who was transported to an area hospital. While this was going on additional Firefighters responded to Ramapo Valley Road for a smoke condition inside of the home. After arriving on scene Firefighters were able to secure the issue causing the smoke. Not long after returning from those calls Mahwah Fire responded to Winding Trail for the second smoke condition. After arriving, Firefighters were able to find the cause and began to return to quarters.

Deep-Fried Turkey Safety

If you plan on deep frying a turkey latter this week remember to be safe. If you do have a grease fire remember these safety tips Leave the area and call 911 Only if it can be done safely, turn off the heat source (i.e. the burner) if possible Only if it can be done safely, cover the fire. Keep a pan lid handy when cooking with oil or grease and slide it over the pan to cut off the oxygen. If a pan lid isn’t available, soak a towel and ring out the excess water, placing the towel over the pan  Only if it can be done safely, once covered, slide the pan off the heat source if possible. Don’t attempt if there is a chance the pan could tip Do NOT put water on it, water will create a fire

October 2019 Calls for Service

This October the volunteer firefighters of Company 1 responded to 40 calls for service  1 BRUSH FIRE 2 CHIMNEY FIRES 4 CO ALARMS 1 EMS ASSIST 1 ELEVATOR RESCUE 1 EXTRICATION 17 FIRE ALARMS 1 FUEL SPILL 5 GAS LEAKS 1 HELICOPTER LANDING ZONE 1 SMOKE CONDITIONS 3 SMELLS OF SMOKE As always, the volunteer firefighters of Company 1 are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days week.

New Years Eve Entrapment

At around 6:45 tonight Rescue 1 along with members from Fire Companies 2, 4 and EMS responded to 287 for an MVA with entrapment. Once arriving on scene Rescue 1 found an SUV flipped over on its side with the occupants entrapped. After stabilizing the vehicle the passengers were successfully extricated and transported to an area hospital. We would like to thank everyone who to time away from their friends and families to come out and help tonight. As always we wish everyone an happy and safe new year.

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