Hose Deployment Drill

“The first handline is, without question, the most important life-saving tool at a structure fire.”
– Andy Fredericks

For our March 29th drill, Co 1 firefighters spent the night refreshing hose deployment and advancement techniques.

As an Engine Co, our primary job at a structure fire is to contain and extinguish the fire. That all starts with an efficient and purposeful advancement of the first handline while the fire is freely burning and growing quickly, threatening trapped occupants, the structure itself, and surrounding structures.

The faster we can get that first line in place and water on the fire, the faster everything gets better. Every second counts.

The only way to be excellent with these techniques is to practice them frequently and with many repetitions. That also means working hard, getting a good sweat going, and pushing yourself.

We’re OK with that, though. Hard work pays off. Especially for the people who’s lives or homes may rely on us.

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