Dive Team Consults on Lifeguard Response

This past Monday night, our dive team joined firefighters from the Wyckoff fire department in reviewing the response procedures for lifeguards at Spring Lake.

Every year, the excellent Spring Lake lifeguard team goes over and rehearses their response procedures for missing children and possible drownings.

This year, they invited the Wyckoff fire dept (Spring Lake is in Wyckoff) and our dive team (we are the dive team that covers Spring Lake) to observe their procedures, give feedback, and explain how our responses could integrate.

After watching their procedures (which were extremely impressive and thorough), we had a roundtable discussion about how the response would escalate as more departments and assets arrive to assist. And what information would be useful for responding units.

Following the discussion, a few of our divers got in the water to get the “lay of the land” for the lake, along with checking the undersides of a few of the floating docks for possible dangers to swimmers.

We appreciate the invitation to come out and play, and we want to congratulate the Spring Lake lifeguard team for their clear dedication and professionalism in keeping all the swimmers of Spring Lake safe.

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