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Throwback Thursday: Our Mascots

Cindy (left) and Embers, the official mascots of Mahwah Volunteer Fire Company One, are proudly displayed by their owner Kenneth Werring (foreground) and Steve Jackson. The volunteers will parade the two Dalmatians June 2 at the Ramsey Fire Dept.’s 75th anniversary parade. Fire departments from 75 other area communities will also participate. MAY 26 1974 Photo courtesy of Ann Straut-Esden

Ed Gingras

Company 1 Fire and Rescue regrets to announce the passing of former firefighter Ed Gingras. Ed joined Company 1 on October 1, 1975 and served as company 1 ambulance lieutenant. He also served company 1 fire and rescue as secretary, lieutenant and battalion chief. Ed and his family moved in 1986 to Herbertsville New Jersey and he continued to volunteer as president and trustee there. He worked the pile after 9/11. Ed was a dedicated and loyal volunteer to the fire department and will be missed. The Mahwah fire department sends their condolences to the family.

April 2020 Calls for Service

This April despite the COVID-19 pandemic the Volunteer Firefighters of Mahwah Company 1 responded to 28 calls for service. 1 Dispatched Structure Fire 5 EMS Assists 2 Electrical Issues 1 Elevator Rescue 12 Fire Alarms 5 Gas Leaks 2 Smoke Conditions As always, the 100% volunteer members of Mahwah Fire are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Double Rescue at Ramapo Reservation

This afternoon Mahwah Rescue along with Fire Company 2, Mahwah EMS, and the Bergen County Sheriff responded to the upper lake of the Ramapo Reservation for an injured hiker. After reaching the patient and assessing their injuries Mahwah Rescue deployed a small boat to reach the hiker. The hiker was then transported across the lake to EMS, who then brought them to an area hospital. While this was happening a park visitor alerted firefighters to a second injured hiker in another part of the park. After reaching them and assessing their injuries Mahwah Rescue set up a rope system to bring them safely down a very steep trail. After reaching the bottom of the trail the hiker was transported by Mahwah EMS to area hospital.

Condo Fire

This evening Mahwah Firefighters and also additional firefighters from the neighboring towns responded to a fire at a condo complex in the Fardale section of town. Firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze and overhaul the area.

Throwback Thursday: Our First Fire Truck

The first equipment for the MFD was a Brockway fire truck that was acquired on September 18, 1915. Later in 1925 the department purchased its first modern truck, a Buffalo Larabie (pictured) with 500 gallon-per-minute triple combination pumps. As for the membership, Charles Winter became the first president and the Millard Cooper became the first Chief. Chief Cooper’s garage was used as the first firehouse located on Hillside Ave, right around the corner from our present location.

Community Thanks

These are different times for all first responders, we need to go out and interact with the public every time 911 is called. Pandemic or not we respond. When we hear thank you it means a lot, today a young girl on a recent call made us a bracelet and note to say thank you. You are welcome!

Anderson Drive Fire

This afternoon all 5 of Mahwah’s Fire Companies responded to Anderson Drive for a house fire. Firefighters worked quickly extinguish the fire and then overhaul the affected area.

Smoke Condition

This afternoon fire Companies 1, 2, and 3 responded to Margaret Court for a smoke condition inside of a home. After investigating firefighters found that the smoke was coming from an attached neighboring home, who had an oven fire but was able to extinguish it.

MacArthur Boulevard Smoke Condition

At around 1130 this morning Mahwah Firefighters along with the Ramsey Fire Dept. responded to MacArthur Boulevard for a smoke condition. After entering the building Mahwah Firefighters were met with a considerable smoke condition and began their search for the cause. Firefighters found that smoke was coming from a battery back up system that had malfunctioned. After securing the power to that system firefighters worked to remove the smoke from the building before returning to quarters.