East Mahwah Rd. Entrapment

Earlier this afternoon, Rescue Co.1 along with Fire Co.3, EMS, and Mahwah PD responded to East Mahwah Rd. for an overturned vehicle with entrapment. After arriving on scene, Rescue 1 and Rescue Engine 117’s crew immediately began to stabilize the vehicle and work to extricate the driver. A few minutes into the operation, Engine 115 also arrived to supply extra manpower if needed. After removing the windshield, the driver was assisted out of the vehicle by crews and placed in the care of EMS who transported them to an area hospital.

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USR: Entrapment

At around 215 this afternoon, Rescue Co.1 was requested into Upper Saddle River as mutual aid for an entrapment. Initial reports from the scene were that a large tree and power lines had fallen onto a vehicle injuring and trapping the driver. Upon arrival, Rescue 1’s crew followed closely behind by Rescue Engine 117 immediately began to assist Upper Saddle River Fire Department with removing the tree in order to gain access to the patient. After assessing the condition of the vehicle and the patient’s injuries, Mahwah crews immediately began to extricate the driver, using both hydraulic and battery operated Hurst tools. After freeing the patient, our EMS colleagues began to treat the patient and transport them to an area hospital. Great job to the initial crews from USRFD on a difficult operation.

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Elevator Rescue and Smoke Condition

This afternoon, Rescue 1 responded to a business in the center of town for an elevator rescue. The trapped party was swiftly removed from the elevator without issue. While clearing the scene, the crew from R-1 noticed that the fire alarms in the building were now going off. R-1 immediately began investigating while Engine 117 assembled a crew to respond. After investigating, crews found a smoke condition in the basement but no fire. Crews continued to search the premises and found some smoldering rags which were removed and extinguished. The building was ventilated by the crew of E-117 and all units cleared the scene.

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Throwback Thursday: HAZMAT Extrication

Not your average extrication. On the morning of July 17 2007 Company 1 responded to Rt.17 North near the 17/287 split for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Rescue 1 arrived to find a tractor trailer with the driver heavily pinned. Due to the cargo containing hazardous materials, the members performed the extrication on air preventing any inhalation hazards.

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Route 17 South Entrapment

This morning, Co1 Firefighters responded to Route 17 South for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Upon arrival, our team of highly trained firefighters found that the one passenger was entrapped inside, our team carefully removed the passenger side door which enabled them to exit. Following the extrication, both individuals were expertly treated by the competent medical staff from Mahwah EMS and then transported to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation and care. picture was taken after both individuals were transported off of the scene

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Franklin Turnpike Entrapment

Earlier this evening, the Co1 Firefighters responded to a reported motor vehicle accident with entrapment on Franklin Turnpike. Thankfully, all occupants were able to exit the vehicles unaided by the fire department. Upon arrival of Rescue 1 & Rescue Engine 117, Firefighters promptly secured the batteries to both vehicles and quickly addressed the fluid spill to prevent any further harm. Concurrently, our partners from Mahwah EMS were diligently administering treatment to those in need and while Mahwah Police provided vital traffic control to ensure the safety of all present.

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Edison Road Entrapment

At 7:45 this morning (02/23/23), Mahwah FD stations 1, 2, and 4 were dispatched to the intersection of Edison Road and Leighton Place for a motor vehicle accident between a garbage truck and a box truck, with the box truck driver being trapped in the vehicle. This is the third entrapment for Rescue 1 in the last 45 days, with the previous 2 entrapments happening just six days apart. Like clockwork, the firefighters of Station’s 2 & 4 deployed a protective hose line and assisted, while the firefighters of Co 1 went to work extricating the driver. Despite the driver’s legs being tightly trapped by the crushed-in cab of the truck, the driver was freed and turned over to Mahwah EMS in just under 13 minutes.

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