Another I-287 Entrapment

At roughly 3:30 in the afternoon, MFD Co’s 1, 2 & 4 were dispatched to Interstate 287 northbound (@ MM64) for the reported rolled over truck on fire and possible entrapment.

Route 17 South Entrapment

This morning, Co1 Firefighters responded to Route 17 South for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Upon arrival, our team of highly trained firefighters found that the one passenger was entrapped inside, our team carefully removed the passenger side door which enabled them to exit. Following the extrication, both individuals were expertly treated by the competent medical staff from Mahwah EMS and then transported to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation and care. picture was taken after both individuals were transported off of the scene

Franklin Turnpike Entrapment

Earlier this evening, the Co1 Firefighters responded to a reported motor vehicle accident with entrapment on Franklin Turnpike. Thankfully, all occupants were able to exit the vehicles unaided by the fire department. Upon arrival of Rescue 1 & Rescue Engine 117, Firefighters promptly secured the batteries to both vehicles and quickly addressed the fluid spill to prevent any further harm. Concurrently, our partners from Mahwah EMS were diligently administering treatment to those in need and while Mahwah Police provided vital traffic control to ensure the safety of all present.

Edison Road Entrapment

At 7:45 this morning (02/23/23), Mahwah FD stations 1, 2, and 4 were dispatched to the intersection of Edison Road and Leighton Place for a motor vehicle accident between a garbage truck and a box truck, with the box truck driver being trapped in the vehicle. This is the third entrapment for Rescue 1 in the last 45 days, with the previous 2 entrapments happening just six days apart. Like clockwork, the firefighters of Station’s 2 & 4 deployed a protective hose line and assisted, while the firefighters of Co 1 went to work extricating the driver. Despite the driver’s legs being tightly trapped by the crushed-in cab of the truck, the driver was freed and turned over to Mahwah EMS in just under 13 minutes.

Upper Saddle River Entrapment

Early this morning firefighters from Co1 along with our colleagues from Ramsey Rescue and Upper Saddle River responded to Lake Street for a motor vehicle accident with an entrapped driver. After arriving, firefighters found a pick up truck on its side and began the task of extricating the driver. Firefighters were able to successfully extricate the driver from the truck and allow EMS to transport them to an area hospital.

Island Road Entrapment

Early this morning firefighters from Co1 and Co2 responded to Island Road for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Firefighters from Co1 worked quickly to extricate the driver, who was then brought to an area hospital by Mahwah EMS.

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