2017 Calls for service

This year Company 1 responded to 304 calls for service. These calls were 7 boiler issues, 5 brush fires, 4 burning smells, 1 chimney fire, 15 carbon monoxide alarms, 17 dispatched structure fires, 2 dryer fires, 1 dumpster fire, 12 EMS assists, 3 electrical issues, 9 elevator rescues, 15 extrications, 146 fire alarms, 2 fuel spills, 23 gas leaks, 2 grill fires, 1 HAZMAT call, 3 mutual aid requests for a fire, 1 mutual aid request for the fan boat, 1 mutual aid request for the dive team, 1 mutual aid request for a fast team, 3 oven fires, 1 rubbish fire, 9 smoke conditions, 5 calls for sparking wires, 6 smells of smoke, 2 stand-by’s, 1 technical rescue, 1 wash-down, 1 water rescue, 2 working fires, and 2 vehicle fires.  

As always, the volunteer members of Company 1 are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days week. As 2018 starts we are continuing to look forward to serving our community.

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