Long Day For Company 1

Today Company 1 responded to 3 calls for service, 2 of which were mutual aid. The first call came in at around 6:25 this morning. Company 1’s air boat, Marine 1 was requested to Ramsey to help vent a warehouse. Ramsey FD had extinguished a fire but needed help removing the residual smoke. Marine 1 responded and around 1 hour later returned to quarters after successfully venting the warehouse.
The second call came in at around 6:25 that evening. Companies 1, 2, 3, and 4 responded to the KinderCare Learning Center for a fire alarm. As Company 1 was preparing to respond to the alarm, the dive team was requested to Crestwood Lake in Allendale for a missing person.
After arriving on scene the dive team was told that a child was missing and was last scene swimming at the lake. The dive team along with Oradell’s dive team began to search the lake for the missing child. After around hour and a half of searching the child was found uninjured at his home. Shortly after dive team returned to quarters.

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