3 Calls In One Hour

This morning Company 1 responded to 3 calls in 1 hour. The first call came in at around 11:30. Companies 1 and 2 responded to a fire alarm at the Homewood Suites. After arriving Engine 117 was told that the alarm was set off by burnt cookies. After investigating Engine 117 returned to quarters.

Then at around 12:20 Company 1 responded to a brush fire on the train tracks near Wanamaker Avenue. After arriving on scene Engine 117 (OIC J. Darby) proceeded to extinguish the fire and overhaul the area. Engine 117 returned to quarters after approximately 1 hour.

While responding to the brush fire Rescue 1 (OIC Polster) responded to the Ramapo Reservation for an injured person.  After arriving on scene Rescue 1 assisted removing the injured person from the area and to a waiting ambulance. Shortly after Rescue 1 returned quarters     

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