Hillburn Technical Rescue

At around noon today Rescue 1 (OIC BATT 1) was dispatched to Hillburn NY for a technical rescue. After arriving at the staging area in front of Company 5, Rescue 1 was informed that a person on a dirt bike was injured deep in the woods. Several Rescue 1 members then headed to the person in RS-1. After driving in as far as the trail allowed, Rescue 1 along with members from Company 5 and Hillburn FD hiked rest of the way to inured person. When they reached the person, he was packaged into a stokes-basket and carried back to the vehicles where he was treated by EMS and then transported out of the area to an ambulance and then to an area hospital.
Responding Units: Mahwah Rescue 1, Mahwah FD Company 5, Mahwah EMS, Hillburn FD, Rockland County Technical Rescue Team, Ramapo EMS, Ramsey Rescue

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