An Unfortunately Busy Weekend For The Dive Team

This past weekend Co 1’s dive team responded to two calls for service. The first was on Friday evening when the Bergen County SCUBA Taskforce was activated to search the Passaic River for a recent drowning victim. After interviewing witnesses, and employing a sonar system specifically designed for the task, Taskforce divers located and recovered the victim.

The second call occurred on Sunday evening when the Co 1 dive team responded to Boonton along with Parsippany Rescue & Recovery to assist in the search for a missing person who was last seen In the area of the reservoir. Multiple boat teams and divers were deployed to systematically search the most likely places the person may be. After locating the victim, the scene was turned over to law enforcement investigators.

The Mahwah Co 1 dive team is composed of a highly dedicated group of Mahwah firefighters who spend many countless hours training to dive in difficult and treacherous waters. Many of our divers possess multiple technician certifications and have hundreds of dives to their credit, making our dive team one of the most highly-capable teams in the tri-state area.

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